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We strive to achieve clarity in our thought, freshness in our ideas and perfection in our executions.

Growing up

12 years. 30 clients. Pain. Angst. Love. Elation. Reality. Loss. Gain. Endless arguments. Celebrations. Awards. News. And then comes the most exciting period of our life. The teenage years. We are ready to rock.

CEO at Paddyfield Creative

Sampath Kumar

Sampath's exacting standards. They've been honed over 22 years of serving stints in the nation's best creative departments. At Clarion, Contract, JWT, Ambience and Enterprise . And since the biggest creative currency is approval of ideas. And since Sampath is that guy at the firm who subscribes to the highest standards. He's the one who makes us come up with stuff more than we thought we'd muster. In his spare time ( if he manages to catch some) he is making moves on a chess board. Or devouring books, mostly fiction.

Creative Director at Paddyfield Creative


Pervez's love for language, history, and his trusty 1996 steel-beast of burden inform his resonant minimalist aesthetic. Pervez has worked in advertising and design across 2 decades. Tallied more than a hundred accounts. This is probably what informs his retreats to nature, his first love. He's clocked more than 4x the earth's equator on his Bullet. The Bullet bring him closer to his favorite designer and biggest crush - nature.

Copy writer at Paddyfield Creative


Usama was born an hour south of the ancient town of Mecca. He's lived in half a dozen time zones. He's a thorough navel gazer, which lets him worry about where the apostrophes and the colons go. He's on twitter (@BlowUsama), where he has a 140 character bio. It's pretty popular.

Experience Designer at Paddyfield Creative


The resident bully. Antara subscribes to a pretty crazy and unusual brainstorming strategy. It involves four hours of nose to the desk. Then reviving via shriek. And then somehow coming up with ideas that immediately imbue space with emotion, movement and a pretty pleasant sense of wellbeing. She's designed spaces, acted in a movie ( with Abhishek Bachan), learned Kalari Payattu ( martial arts), conducted creativity workshops for top MNCs. Been there, done that, chick.

Art Director at Paddyfield Creative

Johnson Paul

Johnson was born right down the road from our office. Johnson has been in the design industry since before it was a designer's job to warm seats in front of a CRT screen. He brings to the team a much-appreciated, calm and thorough familarity with design and production. He is our bawli of zen.

Art Director at Paddyfield Creative

Sruthi Krishna

Most often seen hanging off left field. Sruthi is stubbornly innovative. Her ideas drive us crazy, as they challenge all of us here, to really up our game. But they are usually the strongest threads tying our campaigns together. And giftwrapped. With some nice understated wrapping paper.

Client Service Head at Paddyfield Creative

Rajyashree Dutta

The first two things you notice. Raj never stops eating. Which is greatly appreciated, considering she never stops sharing her food either. And second, patience isn't a virtue in her book. Also good, as this translates to some mad efficiency. The paradoxes never stop. She only listens to folktronic, sacrilegous folk and country infused with unholy electronic beats. The paradoxes allow her to deftly deal both with the agency's creative energy and the client's marketing logistics. With prior experience of servicing clients like Vivanta by Taj, Saks, NCL Group etc she administers a voice of reason that allows the agency to yield work with the most impact.

Art Director at Paddyfield Creative


A refreshingly affable creative, Subhash's cheeriness is infectious. With his precise, detail-oriented approach to design, Subhash has deployed work across retail, packaging, print layouts and corporate communications. Subhash's creative outlet never gets a day off. When he's not at the studio, he's most likely found deconstructing and reinterpreting the cuisines from God's own country. A big believer in sharing ideas to spark creativity, his offwork culinary creations go a long way towards keeping the agency's creative juices flowing.


Sampath Kumar Johnson Paul
Pervez Rajan Sruthi Krishna
Antara Rajyashree
Usama Syed Subhash

What we do

Everything we do revolve around brands. We create new brands where none exist, design strategies for existing brands that need momentum. Create experiences around brands so that the brand promise is kept throughout the brand chain. We look at creating top- of-mind recall for our brands by intersecting people’s life with interesting brand stories.


We use advertising to tell stories about our brands, creating personalities of them and enlivening and enriching the life of our brands’ customers through unique brand ideas.



Design creates the look and feel of the brand and readies a fertile ground for the tone of voice of the communication. We believe design should help the brand to cut the clutter of uniformity and stand out in the market place non-intrusively and aesthetically.


Experiential Design

This is where consumers come face to face with truth. Will the brand enthuse them or will it fail? This is only possible to know through first-hand experience. This is actually the point that can make or break brands. Brands that do great communication but do little at the product or service point fail miserably. Before any communication is done, we help brands work the ideal brand experience.



The web is both the medium and the message. It has become the battle ground for brands because of instantaneous worldwide reach. This means today brands are communicating less and less within set geographical boundaries. Digital is the neutron bomb of communication because you drop an idea on the net and it covers the world in an instant.

We try to keep perspective and focus on the brand idea and execute it for the new medium. And social media is allowing brands to be judged more critically in peer groups and influencers leaving little margin for error in communication.


Sowing ideas, fertilizing them with meaningful discussions and finally harvesting them. We have had some good crops over the years.


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Times of India
Devonshire Suites & Spa
Target Games Facilities
Monisha, New York
G K Vale
Yoga Andrini
Sobha Developers
Care ‘n’ Comfort
RMZ Corp

Find yourself here

We are looking for talented people who are dissatisfied with their present status quo and feel there is a lot more that they can achieve and a lot more they could do. We are looking for people who are willing to go against the grain of popular wisdom and go with their inner beliefs. You could be working in any field but should have a passion for communication and have an inner sense that you could change the world. We are not offering you a new job, but a new life.


From time to time we launch projects where we invite those interested in collaborating with us to write to us. Mostly it would be not-for-profit, but sometimes it could be something for profit too where your contribution would be rewarded.